BKK100 - One hundred interventions in Bangkok

David Mrugala ― Designer

Daegu, Republic of Korea

Editorial Carbon

"BKK100 aims to foster and encourage a discourse on public space to create awareness for its necessity and potential for a sustainable urban life. The publication makes use of Bangkok’s infinite variety of small, big, unique, ironic and contradictory situations by playfully juxtaposing them with an intervention and thus enabling a new experience of public space. BKK100 is an independent and non-profit publication. It is part of a larger series that focuses on other cities, among others BXL100, RTM100 and BEY100."

David Mrugala, Joost Verstraete 

Panasit Chaiyanan, Calle Johansson, Peerapol Karunwiwat, Achawin Laohavichairat, Montakan Manosong, Sumantha Nuamthanang