Faux Zeitgeist

Berlin, Germany

Music Video Carbon

"In the digital age we are living in people easily create a new identity online. We manipulate ourselves, surroundings and ideas of representation. We create an ideal version, and get influenced by idea’s how we can be an ideal version. 

Humankind is getting enchanted with the version of ourselves we create online. What is our identity in the end? We get blisters from swiping and scrolling. We download apps to like like “them”. We don’t know how people look anymore in real life. Will this period be called the “Faux Zeitgeist” in the future?"

Fresh 19 Awards

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Berlin, Germany

Curator Series

"A cover illustration for a newspaper published by a Paris based creative agency C’est La Vie. The image was a response to their January theme of “Uniform”. I chose to approach this by exploring uniformity in bodies, faces and societal norms, rather than focusing on it in the clothing or fashion sense of the word."

Pink Stripes

Depok CIty, Indonesia

Curator Series

"Music video that I made for the Alternative / Indie band from Depok, Indonesia with pop surrealism themes. In this project I tried to make something different in Indonesia, because I think no one has made 3D animation videos like this here. As an animator and self-taught motion graphics designer this is arguably an achievement for me being able to make long-duration animations with little storyline with themes that I like."

Black Girl Magic

Seattle, WA, USA

Curator Series

Portraits commissioned by Chicago Magazine featuring women of color from Chicago's poetry and literary scene.

Emily Johnson, Martha Williams

    Pink Bubble Space Girl

    New York, NY, USA

    Curator Series

    "Collaborative photo shoot between sisters, photographer Mariela Feliz Fernandez & makeup artist Gabriela Espaillat with the beautiful model Karilena Barfield. This photo shoot happened spontaneously as we joined forces to just create to create, we were highly inspired by the pink and purple gel tones and the gliterry makeup, it's a mixture of a modern barbie princess and trippy lighting."

    Gabriela Espaillat, Karilena Barfield

        Facebook Year on Review

        Madrid, Spain

        Curator Series

        "For this past 'Year on Review' I had the chance to work on the early design phase of the project. We created 6 images depicting movement, fun and happiness in colourful environments."

        Simple geometric shapes flying around in harmony.


        Beaumont, CA, USA

        Retouching & Post Carbon

        "Mesa is originally a 10-part series of abstract artworks exploring various textures and utilizing glitch effects in a unique way. The result is a series of works that can sometimes give the illusion of a 3D environment consisting of only 2D elements. This series would eventually lead to many similar ones with similar ideas. Compared to the others, this one also utilizes primitive geometric shapes to be simple, yet iconic."

        Ah Ling Handmade Cookie

        Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

        Industrial & Packaging Carbon

        Ah Ling Handmade Cookie is a housewife brand cookie in Kemaman Terengganu Malaysia. It is a collaborative project between Ah Ling and Super Delicious Limited Company. Growing up in Kemaman Terengganu, a place rich in beautiful batik culture, Ah Ling is very passionate about making Malaysian Chinese cookies. 

        The packaging concept is inspired by the batik prints Terengganu and the ideas where consumers can collect and reuse the batik printing box. The full collection of Chinese New Year cookies was designed by Super Delicious Limited Company.

        Seyin Poong

        My Friends

        New York, NY, USA

        Abstract & Collage Carbon

        "In the art world, there is a clique that believes identity relates to race, sexual orientation etc. What else defines identity?  I decided to pick a different approach. In this project, I examine the relationship between identity and flowers.

        Flowers serve as symbol for mind and spirit revealing one’s identity. I ask friends to bring flowers of their choice. I want to see and document how people’s flower choices show their identity. Each photograph is titled as the person who brought the flowers. These images are highly conceptual portraits of my friends."

        Accident Series

        New York, NY, USA

        Fine Art Carbon

        "I'm hugely influenced by dada and neo-dada. I explore a peculiar combination of photography, painting & collage. I create 3D collages with found objects, food, cheaply printed old paintings. I turn pre-existing works of art into Duchampian ready-mades and take photographs of them. I use strong shadows, layering, crumbling and folding effects to give a 3D sense in the final work. I reduce the details and forms of a painting by covering objects, food. In many ways, I examine a new type of still life."

        Jun Hikari

        Depok CIty, Indonesia

        Styling & Make Up Arts Carbon

        "A girl who was fostered by a Japanese couple since the age of 2 years and was abandoned by her adoptive parents to die and wandered began her life adventure and met a guru who taught her life and channeled it into the art she made, thus creating Jun's rather eccentric character."

        The Missing Steps

        Jakarta, Indonesia

        Motion Graphics Carbon

        "The music visualisation for sleep party people."

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